We have made an important change to the accommodation. As you know, originally we had planned on utilizing the University of Gdansk’s dormitories because of its low price and good location. We became aware of an excellent opportunity to move the group to guest accommodation at Dom Nauczyciela. For about the same price, the rooms are more comfortable and the staff more friendly. The location is in proximity to Hotel Zatoka and 15 minutes walk to the sea. To top it all off, breakfast is included! The set-up of the rooms is slightly different so we hope everyone is adaptable. If you should have any questions or concerns, please do contact us.

Name: Dom Nauczyciela

Address: ul. Kosciuszki 64, Sopot

Directions: The accommodation is located approximately 10 km from the airport. You should take a taxi to the accommodation. The taxi will cost you approximately 5 Euros.

Description: There are 4 rooms in total. Each room is equipped with a bathroom. We have reserved two 4-person rooms, one 3-person room, and one 2-person room. The manager has informed us that they only accept cash payments, however it is not necessary to pay the day of your arrival. A bank, an ATM and a foreign exchange office are within 200m of the accommodation. A telephone will be located at the reception desk. There is a restaurant/café/bar on the ground floor.

Price: $12-17* (Euro) w/ Breakfast *The price varies for each of the 4 rooms

Here are some photos of the place: