We have sent out our swiftest messengers to the four corners of the Earth to

deliver this message to our family and to those friends whom we hold likewise

in such respect and compassion. We invite you to mark the end of this summer

with the beginning of a marriage. Be witness to this ceremony of love and partake

in the celebrations. In this bond and its extravagant  events, two families coalesce

from opposite ends of the world and friends for all time will meet and rejoice.

This wedding requires the finest company  and those worldly characters that

have had such poignant impressions upon our lives. As our honoured guest,

your presence will be greatly welcomed and always remembered.


Programme of Events


Day 1 (31 August 2006)

5:30 PM                        Ceremonia Ślubna  (The Wedding), Katedra Oliwska

Address: ul. Cystersów 10

The wedding shall include a Catholic mass and communion and will be held primarily in Polish. English translations will be handed to you upon entering as rich overtones of flute set the scene. The Cathedral itself was first erected as a Cistercian shrine back in the 13th century, underwent a major Gothic reconstruction after a large fire, and, later in the 16th century, was rebuilt in the Baroque style. The Oliwa Cathedral is perhaps best known for its Baroque-styled Organ. Comprised of 7,876 pipes, 110 tones, and 135 registers, it was built in the 18th century and is decorated with ornate, moving angels and brightly painted stars. When it was first created, the instrument was the largest in all of Europe.


6:30 PM to 5:00 AM     Wesele (The Wedding Party), Hotel Zatoka in Sopot

                                                                                  Address: ul. Emilii Plater 7/9/11

As the new bride and groom make their way by horse and carriage to the century old villa, you shall be escorted by a more modern method. The celebration will be a blend of ancient Polish custom and modern talents. An entourage of fantastic foods will be accompanied by the harp and flute. Following this, there shall be dancing and the playing of games. Zatoka has beach access to the Baltic so guests may cool off from the dancing if they so please! A sidebar will be lavishing all manner of drinks – all gratis for the guests of course.  


Day 2 (1 September 2006)   

4:00 PM                         Poprawiny (The Day-After Party), Chez Popławski,

                                      Address: ul. Bitwy Oliwskiej 28

The Poplawski family is welcoming all guests to the garden party at their home. Here you will again be wined and dined. In fact, they have arranged for a very special meal: a roasted boar. There will also be music, and if weather permits, plenty of sunshine.


Day 3 (2 September 2006)

12:00 PM                      Tour throughout old Gdańsk - check website for further information

Located near the entrance of the Vistula River into the Baltic Sea, Gdańsk has proved to be a place of power, freedom, and beauty throughout the centuries. Over 1000 years old, the city has been the stronghold of rulers such as Pomeranian princes and Teutonic Knights and was the origination of the Solidarity movement that ended communism in Poland, and later in Europe, in the 1980’s. In the 14th and 15th centuries, Gdańsk became the largest city in Poland, a centre of maritime trade, and was influenced by all of the major trading cities in Europe. Today it carries on its trading legacies with its incredible displays and sales of local amber. It is truly a beautiful city, birthplace of the bride, and home of most of her extended family.



RSVP to our address by June 1, 2006:

193 Tavistock Crescent 

London, UK                                                                

W11 1AE

Or Email: rsvp@polishwedding.dreamhosters.com




1.              Getting to Gdańsk

                               I.     For those already in Europe, Ryanair offers a network of flights to Gdańsk either direct or with one connection.

                            II.     For those across the Atlantic, the least expensive option may be to fly first to London and then take Ryanair – research it.

2.              Once in Gdańsk

                               I.     From the airport, buses or taxis (cheap fares available) connect frequently to the main city (Gdańsk Glowny). 

                            II.     The Kolejka (train) connects the tri-city of Gydnia, Sopot, and Gdańsk. The tracks run behind the cities, parallel to the Baltic Sea, and offer quick connections throughout.




1.              Various options…

                               I.     Uniwersytet Gdańsk (University of Gdańsk) offers comfortable, affordable lodging within its dormitories during the summer. Rooms range from private to shared w-out private bathroom, etc. Prices from approximately $10 USD/night. (NOTE: the invitation was incorrect as there are no private bathrooms, however the intent is to book a whole floor so that the bathroom could be shared amongst our group.) If you indicate this as your preference, we can arrange the booking for you once you provide us with your travel plans. 

                            II.     For those wishing to stay near the ocean, a hostel, or looking for more of a hotel environment, there are plenty of alternative options. Contact us if you have any questions. Don’t forget, your currency goes a long way in Poland!


Keeping Informed

1.              More information, including maps, scheduling updates, and pictures can, in time, be viewed on the website. Make sure you check for any announcements just before embarking on your journey this August.